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Bailiff/ Loch Glow  No 07803839737

*Please note there are speed calming measures now in place


Opening day to second Saturday in May                     £10  Five Fish limit

Second Sunday in May to 3rd Saturday in August      £15  Seven Fish Limit

Third Sunday in August to last day in September       £10  Five Fish Limit

First Day of October until closing day                         £8     No fish limit


Tagged fish winner August

Congratulations Mr Mathison





Fish have been harder to take on the fly  but flies to try Dawl Bach, Haws (with a touch of red) kate's lurewise try damsels ali mccoist and cats.

bait ~ green/brown/black powerbait seems to be the fish favorite at the moment.

Spinner ~ broken back minnow and I'd be greatful if the man from Airth with the deadly spinner could get in touch with the name of it.



please feel freee-mail me with what is catching and where  its good to put feedback on  here for people to follow

please remember to give your returns slip to the bailiff  or in the box even if you have had a blank we need this info to maintain our stocking policy

For those of you who wear life jackets  while fishing the RNLI recommend you have your life jacket checked and a crutch strap fitted why???  here’s why….


 Bob    Loch Glow Secretary

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*Please note anyone gutting fish at the loch will be put off the water and banned from future visits.

Please click this link and have a read... it might just save your life... that and a life jacket....


If anyone knows of a better site advising getting back in a boat please let me know I'll add it here... you might just save a life!!!



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